The IGOP organises its research activities around two kinds of projects:

Basic Research Projects: These are the Projects that arise from the proposals that the IGOP presents to the competitive calls for research funding established by the European Union, the State Research Agency (AEI) and the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Applied Research Projects: These are the Projects that arise from agreements and conventions that the IGOP establishes with public institutions and other organizations. Mainly the IGOP has signed agreements with local governments, foundations and social action entities.

Both kinds of research are crucial for the Institute. Basic research is necessary for the development of theory, and it allows for a consolidation and expansion of the IGOP’s presence in academic research networks. Applied research projects, on the other hand, help to keep the IGOP effectively linked to the social and institutional reality.

Competitive projects active in 2021-23

European Competence Framework for Climate Change Project

Euroship Project

Fairleave (Dani Marinova)

Framet Project

Investing in Children Project

Migrademo Project

Property and democratic citizenship

rEUsilince project

Yes We Rent

Applied Research Projects 2022-23


Socio-educational Intervention System Assessment

Nous lideratges

IAP in schools

Impuls de Barri RAP

Advice on good social practices

Projecte Comunalitats Urbanes

Project archive

VINE Project

Primera infància

Capflo project

Projecte Procomú AMB

Community ActionProjecte BMincome

Community ActionDEST-Commoninghousing-235x160

Community ActionDEST-Proto_Local-235x160

Community ActionProjecte Polchan

DEST salut comunitaria

DEST-Promise web-235x160


Mates Project

Bones pràctiques



DEST-territori besos_235x160

Projecte Participació Estudiantil IGOP

DEST-cures i llar_235x160

Mobile Identities Project

DEST-jornades AC_235x160

Projecte Recercaixa IGOP

Projecte CopHab


Community ActionNeighborhoods and innovation

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