UAB entered the MOOC world seeking for consistency with its strategic plan. As stated in this plan, there is an aim to transfer scientific, technological, cultural and educational knowledge through quality teaching, as well as a clear international vision.

In this context, UAB considers MOOC are a way to achieve these goals, and after analyzing various alternatives, decided to enter Coursera, where the University operates since March 2013. In just over three years, the Autonomous University of Barcelona has become a reference in the world MOOC, both at Spanish and European level. Significantly, it is the only public university in the state that is inside this platform, where we can find only top-ranked universities such as Stanford, Princeton, Yale or Caltech for instance.

The IGOP is part of Coursera with two courses linked to the thematic fields and the experience accumulated over more than 10 years of experience.

Couse Local DemocracyDemocracy and public decisions. Introduction to Public Policies Analysis

What are public policies? They are the most concrete expression of politics. What governments do, and fail to do, to address collective problems. This course is about how to decide which problems to tackle and which solutions to adopt. A primarily political and social process that usually escapes purely rational analysis.

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Estimated time to complete it: 31h

First release:
October 19, 2015

Course Coursera Cities in CrisisCities in crisis and new urban policies

Cities have become a focus of preferential interest for the analysis of public policies. With a growing concentration of people living in urban contexts, cities today are the scene of an exciting change of era that affects the social, political, economic and technological sphere. What do we mean when we talk about urban policies and what distinguishes them? and from other areas of public policy? What are the main factors of urban vulnerability and what responses are being articulated in the form of urban policies? How does innovation arise in the city, both from the base and from public administrations? And, finally, what effects has the irruption of the digital era had on the city?

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Estimated time to complete it: 12h

First release:
February 19, 2018

Coursera Community Action.Community Action. Approaches to social transformation

The course “Community Action. Approaches for social transformation” offers a global overview and a set of tools for analysing policies and acting critically in community dynamisation. We focus on social inequalities, ethics, principles in social public policies, as well as techniques for dynamisation and participation. If you are interested in the Master in Social Policy and Community Action, this MOOC will provide you with introductory tools.

Estimated time to complete it: 23h

First release:
September 26, 2022

Mooc Feminism and politicsFeminism, gender and politics

Are we close to achieving equality between men and women in the world? Is feminism still necessary? What is patriarchy? What is gender? Why is gender a different axis of conflict than others such as social class, ethnicity or age? How are conflicts expressed and managed in a democratic political system? What is the relationship between gender and other issues such as wealth redistribution, war, or climate change? The course addresses these and other questions in the complex relationship between gender, feminism and politics.

Estimated time to complete the course: 27h

First release:
December 15, 2023