Research Groups / SGRs


i-GOP. Group of Studies in Innovation, Governance and Public Policies [ i-GOP ]

Coordination: Margarita León

Grouped around the Institute of Government and Public Policy – IGOP – this group is strongly committed to scientific advancement, higher education and knowledge transfer. The areas and issues of interest are related to public policy innovation and the governance of complex social and political systems in comparative perspective, and from different levels of government. This group aims to generate and share knowledge on the major challenges facing contemporary democracies. i-GOP leads and participates in a large number of European and national research projects. It also maintains a close relationship with applied research linked to public administrations and social entities.

Democracy, Elections and Citizenship [ DEC ]

Coordination: Guillem Rico

The Democracy, Elections and Citizenship (DEC) group is a consolidated research group coordinated by Eva Anduiza from 2008 to 2022 (current coordinator is Guillem Rico). The group conducts advanced research, primarily quantitative, on citizens’ political behavior and attitudes towards different political objects including institutions, actors, issues and policies.

Globalisation, Education and Social Policies [ GEPS ]

Coordination: Xavier Bonal

The common thread among the scholars that are part of GEPS is that they all aspire to develop critical research on educational policies and practices and in particular to assess their impact on educational inequalities and systems from a social justice perspective. This approach is applied in a set of interconnected fields, including the global governance of education, the relationship between education policy and international development, the analysis of young people’s education trajectories, the relationships between schooling and social inequalities, and the enactment and effects of education policy both in Europe and in lower- and middle-income countries.

Transnational Relations, Democratisation and Migration
[ TransDeM ]

​Coordination: Eva Østergaard-Nielsen

TransDeM draws on recent, ongoing, and future synergies and collaborations among an interdisciplinary and highly international group of researchers. Our overall joint research objectives centre on how local and national processes of democratization and development are located in dynamics of transnational relations related to migration, diffusion, and globalization/Europeanization as well as their counter trends such as democratic back-sliding and Euro-scepticism.

Analysis, management and evaluation of public policies

​Coordination: Margarita León

Predecessor of the current i-GOP, the AGAPP group conducts research aimed at deepening the understanding of the functioning of public administration. Our research agenda aims to identify the key problems that public administrations struggle with in achieving their objectives, and to assess and design forms of intervention to ensure a positive impact on improving the performance of the public sector and the wider democratic political system.

Urban Governance, Commons, Internet and Social Innovation

​Coordination: Ismael Blanco

Predecessor of the current i-GOP, it is a Consolidated Research group, Consolidated Research Group, recognised by the Generalitat de Catalunya (2017-SGR-1712), which develops its activity around two highly significant areas in the current context of change: Urban policies and the Internet. Its objects of study are Social Innovation and the Commons.

The IGOP organizes its research activities around Basic Research Projects and Applied Research Projects.