The preparation and writing of cases for teaching Public Administration and Public Policy began in 1992 together with the first edition of the UAB Master in Public Management. Our idea since then has been to facilitate interactive learning based on the discussion of real problems in the classroom. We now want to relaunch this initiative by bringing back some “classic” cases (which have worked very well in the classroom) and by publishing new cases both in the field of public management and the third sector and in the field of policy analysis.

The purpose of the case is to show a typical situation that the student will encounter when working in the public sector or its environment. The case presents information on the background, the current situation of the problem, the main actors and possible policy alternatives at the time of writing the case. In the preparation of the cases, its writers try to present information which is as real as possible, based on the consultation of documentation and interviews. Some cases also have a “teaching note” explainig how to organize the case discussion with the students and showing how they usually answer the questions raised by the case.
Not just cases
Apart from the cases understood as stories, this collection also includes some simulations, negotiation exercises and policy analysis exercises. The latter are characterized by including data that allows the quantitative analysis of the problem, usually with a spreadsheet. All the cases admit different readings and can be used to illustrate different aspects in relation to a policy or the management of an organization (for example, analyzing which is the most efficient option and at the same time its political consequences; illustrating a human resources issue which in turn implies a strategic change; or a health policy issue that implies a change in financing).
We encourage you to use our cases respecting their integrity and acknowledging those who wrote them in accordance with the Creative Commons.

Selected cases


Estudi de cas Taxis BCN

Taxis en Barcelona y la uberización del sector
Cas Taxis Barcelona | TEACHER GUIDE


Family Planning in Mozaran Case

Planificación familiar en Mozarán e Izaltenango
Cas Planificació a Mozarán | TEACHER GUIDE


Institut Santa Cruz Case

El Instituto mental de la Santa Cruz
Institut Santa Cruz cas


Pirelli Mar Case

El caso de Pirelli Mar
Pirelli Mar cas | TEACHER GUIDE


Coming soon:

Policy analysis

Las respuestas a la segregación escolar
Segregación escolar | TEACHER GUIDE

Case Dinero Público

La batalla por el dinero público
Batalla dinero público | TEACHER GUIDE

UK Schools Case

Calidad de las escuelas en el Reino Unido
Calidad escuelas UK | TEACHER GUIDE


¿Inseguridad en Barcelona? Dónde poner más policías

El conflicto territorial


The externalisation of asylum and the reception of people seeking international protection
The externalisation case | TEACHER GUIDE


PCUBE Riders Case

Labour rights regulation and the digital platform-based economy: the case of riders
The case of Riders | TEACHER GUIDE


PCUBE Artificial intelligence Case

Artificial intelligence and automated decision-making in welfare policies
Artificial intelligence Case | TEACHER GUIDE


PCUBE School Meals Case

School meals for vulnerable children: service provision in times of crisis
School Meals Case | TEACHER GUIDE