The general objective of the PhD in Political Science, Public Policies and International Relations is to train students as researchers with a high level of knowledge and analytical capacity that can be applied in an academic or professional career at international level.

From the 2014-2015 academic year, our PhD program in Public Policy and Social Transformation joins the PhD in Political Science and International Relations to give rise to a new program in Politics, Policies and International Relations. Within it, there are two specific lines of research that are directly related to the IGOP and its doctorate: 1 / Analysis, management and evaluation of public policies and 2 / Social and urban policies: 1 / Analysis, management and evaluation of public policies and 2 / Social and Urban policies.

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Lines of research

01 Analysis, management and evaluation of public policies
Potential Phd Supervisors: Xavier Ballart Hernández, Raquel Gallego Calderón

  • Public policy analysis
  • Public policy evaluation
  • Public policy and public management
  • Innovation in the public sector
  • Decentralization and sub-national governments


02 Social and urban policies
Potential PhD supervisors: Ismael Blanco, Margarita León, Marc Parés, Joan Subirats, Ricard Gomà and Mayo Fuster

  • Networks of urban governance
  • Urban policies
  • Comparative Social policy
  • Politics of welfare reform
  • Democratic innovation
  • Internet and politics 2.0
  • Territoriality, collective identities and society

03 Democracy, elites, political parties and citizenship
Directors of thesis: Eva Anduiza Perea, Eva Ostergaard-Nielsen.

  • Stability and change in political attitudes,
  • Political behaviour, protests, digital media,
  • Political parties, party and governmental elites
  • Political communication
  • National identity
  • Migration and transnational politics