Current Programs

Consult and know our training offer in masters and postgraduates as well as the options offered by the IGOP School

01. Official Master’s Degree in Social Policies and community Action [+]

From the 2013-2014 academic year, the Master’s degree is promoted by a set of Universities of the Catalan territory (IGOP-UAB, UdG, UdL, UVic, Doctor Robert School), extending and consolidating the opportunity of work with case methodology and visits to concrete experiences of the territory.

02. Màster in Public Administration [+]

Directed and coordinated by members of the IGOP since its creation in 1988, this interuniversity official master’s degree (UAB-UPF-UB) is part of the postgraduate offer of the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology of the UAB.

03. Postgrade in Local Agroecology Dynamism [+]

Local practical proposal to build a sustainable agri-food system through the promotion of food sovereignty, territorial and social cohesion, social reproduction of local communities and the conservation of ecosystems.

04. Phd Studies in Politics, Policies and Internacional Relations [+]

Since the 2014-2015 academic year, the Doctorate Studies (ED) in Public Policies and Social Transformation joins the ED in Political Science and International Relations to give rise to an ED in Politics, Policies and International Relations. Within the same two specific lines of research are maintained that connect directly with the IGOP and its doctorate: 1 / Analysis, management and evaluation of public policies and 2 / Social and urban policies.

IGOP School [+]

Beyond hosting the activities of a research center, (researchers’ stays, project meetings, seminars and similar ones), the IGOP School is a project born of the desire to create a university space where it is possible to work in processes of social transfer and shared construction of knowledge useful for a transformative practice: the one to build a more just, more inclusive society and with more democratic quality.