The results of the calls for proposals for H2020 projects of challenge 6 “Europe in a changing world: inclusive, innovative and reflective societies” have been published and we are pleased to inform that the IGOP is part of a proposal selected by the European Commission within of the call “GOVERNANCE-04-2019 – Enhancing social rights and EU citizenship”. The proposal has reached a very high score of 14.5 / 15.

This is the EUROSHIP project that aims to provide new comparative knowledge, sensitive to gender issues, on the effectiveness of new social protection policies aimed at reducing poverty and social exclusion in Europe.

The project will be coordinated by the Oslo Metropolitan University (Oslomet) and a consortium with 9 more partners will be established: Universita degli studi di Milano, Tallinn University, Universitaet de Hamburg, Tarka, University of Florence, Schweizer paraplegiker-Forschung, The University of Sussex, Plateforme December ong Européennes du Secteur social and the UAB represented by the IGOP. EUROSHIP will last 36 months.

From IGOP, Margarita León will lead the project of which Ismael Blanco is also part.