Public sector reform and its impact on the professional identity of teachers
Wiljan Hendrikx
Discussant: Lara Maestripieri (investigadora MSC de l’IGOP)

When: 30/10/2017, 9:30h-11h.
Who: Wiljan Hendrikx, doctorando en estancia.
What: Public sector reform and its impact on the professional identity of teachers.
Where: Campus Bellaterra, MRA, 2a planta, Sala IERMB.
Open seminar.

Short summary:

Wiljan Hendrikx (1989) is a PhD researcher at the Tilburg School of Governance, Tilburg University, the Netherlands. Previously, he studied Public Administration and Organizational Science (MSc, 2010-2012), where he graduated on a thesis about the professional identity of Dutch general practitioners. Subsequently, he was visiting fellow at the Good Project, Harvard Graduate School of Education for three months, after which he started his PhD thesis “Professional identity of GPs & teachers in a context of welfare state public policy reform” and became a public administration lecturer at Tilburg University. His main research interests cover professionalism and public management regimes. Aiming to defend his thesis in the second half of 2018, he will work as a lecturer and researcher at Tias School for Business and Society, the Netherlands, as of January 2018. 

Lara Maestripieri holds a PhD in Sociology and Social Research. She is Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellow at the Institute of Government and Public Policies (IGOP) of the Universitat Autònoma Barcelona, studying gender and social vulnerability in an intersectional perspective with the MSCA funded project VINE (grant agreement No 747433). She has previously worked in EU Funded project FLOWS (2011-2014), WILCO (2011-2014) and CRESSI (2015-2016). In 2015, she has been fellow at the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation. Main interests of research are focused on labour transformation in the post-industrial society, and in particular: marginalised groups on the labour markets (women and young); social innovation; emerging professions.