The B-MINCOME project, with IGOP participation, wins the Innovation in Policy 2024 award in the Local Development category

Last May 2, the presentation of the 2024 Politics Innovation Awards took place at the Maritime Museum in Barcelona, awards that recognize public initiatives from all over Europe that have a positive impact on people’s lives and strengthen democracy. Barcelona City Council’s B-MINCOME fight against poverty project, which combines financial support for vulnerable households with active inclusion policies, won the award in the Local Development category.

The project

B-MINCOME is a pilot project to fight against poverty and inequality deployed in 10 neighborhoods of the Eix Besòs of the city of Barcelona, which was part of the Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) program of the EU. Developed between 2016 and 2019, it aimed to test the efficiency and effectiveness of the combination of a minimum income (Municipal Inclusion Support) with four active inclusion policies (training and employment; social entrepreneurship; housing and community action).

The IGOP took part in charge of three tasks: the monitoring and evaluation of the community action policy; the analysis of the implementation of the policy set and its governance; and, finally, the integration of the set of project evaluations and the preparation of a final report of results.

The Innovation in Politics Institute

The Innovation in Politics Awards are an initiative of The Innovation in Politics Institute, an institution founded in 2017 with headquarters in Vienna and Berlin and with representation in 15 European countries that aims to identify, develop and apply innovations in politics and facilitate exchange of best practices across borders.


Final report of project B-Mincome results
B-MINCOME report

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