Study on the intersectional vulnerability of precarious youth in Spain (VulnYouth)

Do you live in Spain? Are you under 35? Do you want to share your views on #precariousness and its effects on #mentalhealth?

Thanks to @FundlaCaixa we are collecting the opinions of young people like you, take part by answering our online questionnaire.


VulnYouth Survey

The project…

The #VulnYouth project is funded by the La Caixa Foundation and aims to study the relationship between mental health and job insecurity among young Spaniards. Until now, this relationship has been studied without taking into account how much the degree of exposure determined by vulnerability is determinant for the occurrence of the negative effect. This is why the project applies an intersectional approach to this study.

We initiated a survey of 3,000 participants across Spain, asking about job insecurity, economic insecurity and mental health. Among the participants, we will select some particularly vulnerable profiles for an online discussion group on precariousness and the relation with mental health. The first results will be published in the Social Observatory of la Caixa (https://l’

If you have any questions or queries, you can write to its promoter: Lara Maestripieri (