Llorenç Soler IGOPLlorenç Soler-Buades is a pre-doctoral researcher at the Institute of Government and Public Policy (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona). He holds a MSc in Social Policy, Employment and Welfare from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and a postgraduate in Data Analysis for Social Sciences from the University of Barcelona. He is interested in politics, social policy and welfare state research from a comparative perspective. He participates in the Euroship project ‘Closing gaps in social citizenship’, which assesses current gaps in social protection against poverty and social exclusion in the EU. His research focuses particularly on the policy trajectories of minimum income schemes (MIS) across the EU over the last two decades. He also investigates the political and institutional drivers that lead to more inclusive or exclusive policy designs. Through these two research strands, he combines qualitative and quantitative methods. He has published in the scientific journals South European Society and Politics.


Email: llorenc.soler@uab.cat
Twitter: @llorenc_soler
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ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-7028-5254
Google Scholar: Llorenç Soler
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Comparative social policy & social protection systems, party politics, minimum income, work-related conditionality, platform work.


  • EUROSHIP Project: Closing gaps in social citizenship
  • SOLID Project: Policy Crisis and Crisis Politics (as a research assistant)
  • Inequalities and Social Pacts. Funded by Observatorio Social La Caixa.


  • León M. Alvariño M. and Soler-Buades L. (2022) Una cultura política poco acostumbrada al diálogo. In Ayala, L (Ed). Desigualdad y Pacto Social. El Observatorio Social de la Fundación La Caixa.

  • Soler-Buades, L., Comellas-Bonsfills, J. and Pérez-Durán, I. (2022). Policy Case Study 2: Labour rights regulation and the digital platform-based economy: the rider’s case. Social Inclusion and Social Innovation Policies.

  • Ibañez, Z., León M., Soler-Buades L. and Alvariño M. (2021). Fostering work-life balance for precarious workers: culture and social protection systems in comparative perspective. EUROSHIP Working Paper No. 5.