Research Group on Urban Governance, Commons, Internet and Social Innovation (URGOCIS)

URGOCIS (Research Group on Urban Governance, Commons, Internet and Social Innovation) is a consolidated research group, recognised by the Generalitat de Catalunya (2014-SGR-1391), which develops its activity about two highly significant areas in the current context of change:

  • Urban policies.

A study of urban social transformation processes, analyzing how the crisis is affecting urban environments from different perspectives (urban, economic, social, environmental) and deepening in the concept of resilience applied to cities. We ask ourselves about the impacts of the crisis on disadvantaged urban environments and also on the social and institutional responses that are emerging from the neighborhoods. At the same time, we focus also on the analysis of the different forms of participatory local governance in the world, the dynamics of Community action and its articulation with the new and emerging practices of social innovation.

Study of the changes associated with the adoption of ICT in the field of public policies and the consequential dynamics of interaction between the political actors. Analysis of the new areas of public policy, of conflict and social mobilization around the Internet (regulation of ICT and of the conditions of access to and reuse of information and knowledge). New generations digital (from the digital youth cultures until the active ageing and ICT). Emergence of the social economy and community collaborative work.

In both fields of research we identify two objects of study that arouse our interest and that, in our view, respond to emerging and innovative research topics are the following:

  • Social Innovation. Study of social innovation, of the factors that explain its emergence, the characterisation and the repeatability of the different practices or its impact on the public sphere are issues of interest to our group, both from the perspective of urban policies as from the perspective of ICT.
  • Commons. Study of both the potential and the limits that have Internet to promote new forms of management and of the conflicts and the new forms of urban Commons Environment Management (urban voids, public spaces, or the use of and access to urban natural resources such as water or energy). Study of the governance of the Commons, with special attention to urban and Digital Commons.

Urgocis BASICS

Coordinator: Marc Parés (IGOP-UAB)

Contact: marc.pares(at)


HT: #urgocis

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