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IGOPnet is the area of Internet, Politics and Commons of the Institute of government and public policies (IGOP) of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).

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About IGOPnet action research: Internet, Politics & Commons

Keywords: Internet & politics; public policies; Common-based peer production; Social innovation; Online communities; Political participation; Online methods; Social movements (Global Justice Movement & Free culture movement; Indignados/15M mobilization in Spain).

Research lines:

  • Changes associated to the adoption of ICTs in public policy and the dynamic of interaction among political actors.
  • New areas of public policy, conflict and social mobilization: Regulation on ICTs and the conditions of access and reuse of information and knowledge.
  • Social change: New digital generations (from youth digital cultures to active aging and ICTs).
  • Emergence of the digital social economy and common-based peer production.
Methodological Approach: Commitment to rigour, innovation & open access
  • Quan(li)tative triangulation
  • Experimenting with online/virtual methods
  • Action-participation
  • Open access

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Coordinator: Mayo Fuster

Contact: igopnet(at)lists.contrast.org

Web: http://igopnet.cc

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Internet Policy: https://igop.uab.cat/politica-dinternet/

P2Pvalue: https://igop.uab.cat/p2pvalue/

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