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Project on the dynamics of urban segregation and social innovation in the face of crisis

A research about the effects and social consequences of the crisis, and the responses to this situation from the neighbourhoods.

Neighborhood and Crisis: goals

Existing research on the socioeconomic consequences of the crisis in Catalonia has put particular emphasis on variables such as poverty levels, unemployment rate and income inequality. However, knowledge about the specific, territorialized impacts of the crisis upon disadvantaged neighbourhoods is scarce.

The first goal of this research is to analyse the impacts of the current economic and financial crisis upon the socio-spatial configuration of Catalan municipalities and, more concretely, its effects on the dynamics of urban segregation and deprivation already observed in the pre-crisis context.

The second goal is to explore which types of local responses to the crisis are emerging at the neighbourhood level and, more concretely, what explains the neighbourhoods’ capacity to counteract the consequences of the crisis?

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Neighborhood & Crisis BASICS

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Ismael Blanco
(Depart. Ciència Política / IGOP-UAB),

Quim Brugué
(Depart. Ciència Política / IGOP-UAB),

Oriol Nel·lo
(Departament de Geografia, UAB)

Contact: igop(at)uab.cat

Web: http://barrisicrisi.wordpress.com/

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