SGR AGAPP Research Group
In a social environment in mutation, public institutions encounter enormous difficulties to perform successfully its mission. From the AGAPP group, located at the ’ Institute of Government and public policy at the UAB, We do research to know and understand the functioning of the public administration. We apply the ’ optical innovation, both the identification of the problems to be addressed, and in the design of the forms of intervention and ’ evaluation of policy, ensuring the transfer of knowledge created and working to improve the performance of the public sector and the democratic political system.

The research areas in which we work include: public policy, Public Administration and management, Governance, Innovation, Evaluation, Social Policies, Environmental Policies, ’ Immigration policies, Policies of Equal ’, Administrative Reform policies, Educational Policies, Policies of the ’ higher education, Cultural Policies, The Government and Local Administration.

This group is made up of researchers and teachers of the Department of political science and public law (unit of political science and public administration) and the Department of sociology, both of the UAB, and the Department of political science of the Department of public law of the University of Girona.


Margarita León (IGOP-UAB)



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