PhD Seminars

PhD programme in Politics, Policies and International Relations
Schedule of seminars and training sessions
Winter-spring 2016

Mon 25 Jan, 13-14h
Andrea Lanaia
Nurturing or stifling emerging governance regimes and policy-subsystems: the Europeanization of low carbon policies in Spain
Sala de Posgrado

Wed 27 January, 13h.
Nuria Font
Interdepartmental seminar: The European Parliament oversight of EU agencies through written questions

Tue 2 Feb, 13-14h
Joanma Torres
Ciutat i conflicte. Escenaris per la millora convivencia a l’àrea metropolitana de Barcelona
Sala de Posgrado

Tue 9 Feb, 13-14h
Virginia Baumhardt
The regulatory framework for subscription television in Brazil
Discussant: Jacint Jordana
Sala de Posgrado

Wed 10 February, 13h.
Oriol Nel·lo
Interdepartmental seminar: La ciudad en movimiento

Tue 16 Feb, 13-14h
Guillem Ripoll
Sala de Posgrado

Tue 23 Feb, 13-14h
Joan Miro
Sala de Posgrado

Tue 1 Mar, 13-14h
Vicky Anderica
Sala de Posgrado

Wed 2 March, 13h
Xavier Ballart
Interdepartmental seminar: The motivational basis of public service

Fri 4 March 15-17.30h
Miriam Acebillo
Atlas.ti course (1) Training activity
Location: pending

Tue 5 April 11-13.30h / 15.17.30h
Ramon Canal
Q methodology Training activity

Tue 8 March 11-13.30h / 15-17.30h
Miriam Acebillo
Atlas.ti course (2) Training activity
Location: pending

Thur 10 Mar, 13-14h
Roger Barres
Sala de Posgrado

Tue 15 Mar, 13-14h
Lali Sanz
Sala de Posgrado

Thur 7 Apr, 13-14h
Marina Pera
Sala de Posgrado

Wed 13 April, 13h
Joan-Josep Vallbé (UB)
Interdepartmental seminar: Into the Uncertain Divide. The political economy of class voting and decentralization

Tue 19 Apr, 13-14h
Estefania Cruz
Sala de Posgrado

Tue 26 Apr, 13-14h
Mireia Figueras
Sala de Posgrado

Tue 3 May, 13-14h
Iolanda Bianchi
Sala de Posgrado

Tue 10 May, 13-14h
Angel Torres
Sala de Posgrado

Tue 17 May, 13-14h
Sofia Breitenstein
Sala de Posgrado

Tue 24 May, 13-14h
Claudia Langer
Sala de Posgrado

Tue 31 May, 13-14h
Pol Morillas
Sala de Posgrado

* Papers must be forwarded to no later than one week before the seminar.


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